Piano technical & musical services in New England for over 25 years.

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inspection My goal is that your piano
will serve your performance needs,
within a budget you can handle,
so that music can enrich your life.

Helpful advice when you purchase or sell a piano.
Onsite inspection, with verbal report: $50
Onsite inspection, with fancy written report: $125

NOTE: inspection is similar to a 'home inspection', in that you will get a solid grasp of the techncial status of a piano, but you won't get a "Market Appraisal". Actual market value for any instrument is best gotten from a piano dealer or person who is actively selling pianos in your target market. Although the piano inspection information will provide you with excellent material for evaluating market value, it is a technical evaluation, not a market appraisal. With that understood, I still do try to provide a feel for market value based on my experience, and advice on the various upgrade paths you might follow with a given instrument.


  1. Evaluate current status of the piano on many fronts.
  2. Consider various options for remedies.
  3. Weigh costs in terms of investment vs expense.
  4. Decide on the best strategy based on:
    Current state
    Priority of remedies
    Value in terms of piano performance and maintaining value.