Piano technical & musical services in New England for over 25 years

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Berklee College graduate with 30+ years professional playing experience.

Private lessons in jazz piano, improvisation, harmony for students ages 14 and up.
Based in the jazz approach to learning, these lessons are applicable to any style of music.

Who will benefit from these lessons?

  • Intermediate to advanced piano students, and jazz piano enthusiasts
  • Classical piano teachers
  • Vocalists
  • Musicians involved in playing and teaching Religious/Sacred Music
  • Professional Instrumentalists (non-pianists)
What types of goals can be accomplished with these lessons?
  • Playing, Improvising, Repertoire & Styles
  • Improvisation and harmony in various styles of music
  • Playing in a variety of styles without sheet music vs. ‘classical-only-all-written-music’ lessons
  • Playing a set of Christmas carols, Beatles, Elton John, Billy Joel or show tunes just for FUN!Writing, arranging, leading musical groups
  • Write your own music or arrangements for auditions and gigs
  • Learn to accompany yourself on the piano
  • Learn chords, scales, harmony & jazz theory
  • Musical tools for versatility leading & playing with professional musicians Teaching Approaches and New Opportunities
  • Draw from principles learned in jazz to playing, improvising, writing, and teaching
  • Enhance classical playing by integrating principles learned in jazz
  • Add a simplified, organic approach to teaching methods, to reach more students
  • Put away the sheet music, playing and teaching from a different kind of ‘memory’
  • Expand your offerings, teaching a wider range of musical styles
  • Use the study of jazz piano, to develop within any style of playingCollege prep for future music majors
  • Playing professionally as a solo pianist, or accompanist